Male Abt 1599 - 1671  (~ 72 years)

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  • Name John HOWLAND 
    Born Abt 1599  Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 23 Feb 1671  Rocky Nook, Kingston Co., MA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I1254  Clancy Ancestors
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    Father Isaac LOBDELL,   b. 1637,   d. 1718  (Age 81 years) 
    Mother Martha WARD,   b. 1635,   d. 1708  (Age 73 years) 
    Married 1656 
    Family ID F911  Group Sheet

    Father John HOWLAND,   b. 10 Aug 1541, Essex, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 31 Jan 1611, White Chapel, Middlesex, England 1 Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 69 years) 
    Mother Emma REVELL,   b. Abt 1542, Essex, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1614, Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 72 years) 
    Family ID F509  Group Sheet

    Family Elizabeth TILLEY,   b. 1607, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 21 Dec 1687, Swansea, Bristol Co., Colony Of Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 80 years) 
    Married Abt 1624  Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Colony Of Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location 
    +1. Joseph HOWLAND,   b. Abt 1640,   d. 1704  (Age ~ 64 years)
    +2. Maria Catharina WALLRATHIN,   b. 7 Apr 1729,   d. 7 Feb 1745/6  (Age 16 years)
     3. Desire HOWLAND
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  • Notes 
    • # Sex: M
      # Birth: ABT. 1640
      # Reference Number: 192

      Father: John HOWLAND b: ABT. 1599 in Fenstanton, Huntingdon, England
      Mother: Elizabeth TILLEY b: 1607 in England

      Marriage 1 Elizabeth SOUTHWORTH b: ABT. 1634 in Plymouth, MA

      # ID: I0095
      # Name: John HOWLAND
      # Sex: M
      # Birth: ABT. 1599 in Fenstanton, Huntingdon, England
      # Death: 23 FEB 1671/72 in Rocky Nook, Kingston, MA
      # Reference Number: 95
      # Note:
      The Plymouth County Court Records say he died on 23 February, the
      Plymouth Church Records say he died 24 February.
      # Note:
      The following has been taken from the Mayflower Web.
      The traditional date that has been ascribed to John Howland's birth
      is "about 1592", and this has never really been questioned. However, a
      birth about 1599 is clearly a better estimate for the following reasons:
      John Howland is called a "manservant" in William Bradford's
      passenger list. Servants were contracted out until the age of 25. thus,
      Howland must have been under 25 in 1620, meaning he had to have been born
      after 1595. Since Howland signed the Mayflower compact, he must have
      been born sometime before 1600 to have been legally old enough to sign.
      John Howland's wife was born in 1607, and it is most unlikely that
      he, at the age of 32, married a 17 year old girl as his first wife. Most
      men married about age 25, and since his marriage occurred about 1624,
      this would place his likely birth at 1599.
      John Howland's last child was born in 1649. If the 1592 date were
      accepted, he would have fathered a child at the age of 57, a most
      unlikely circumstance.
      William Bradford writes that Joh Howland was a "lusty young man" in
      1620. It is unlikely that Bradford would call a 28-year old a "young
      man". the only other person Bradford called a "young man" in 1620 was
      John Alden, who was born in 1599.
      # Note:
      The ancestry of John Howland is discussed in John Howld of the
      Mayflower through Desire Howland for Five Generation", by Elizabeth
      Pearson White. John Howld is the son of Henry and Margaret Howland of
      Fenstanton, Huntingdon, England. Henry died on 17 May 1635 in
      Fenstanton, and Margaret was buried on 31 July 1629. Besides son John,
      who came on the Mayflower, they also had Humphrey, Arthur, Henry, George,
      and Margaret. Henry came to Plymouth sometime before 1633, and Arthur
      came sometime before 1640.
      John Howland is an ancestor toPresident George Bush, and to First
      Lady Edith (Carrow) Roosevelt (Mrs. Theordore Roosevelt). Presidents
      Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford are descendants of John Howland's brother
      Henry. Winstoon Churchill is descended from John Howland's brother
      # Note:
      John Howland came on the Mayflower as a servant to John Carver. He
      is best remembered for having fallen off the Mayflower during a mighty
      storm, as recorded by Bradford.
      # Note:
      In sundry of these storms the winds were so fierce and the seas so
      high, as they could not bear a knot of sail, but were forced to hull for
      divers days together. And in one of them, as they thus lay at hull in a
      mighty storm, a lusty young man called John Howland, coming upon some
      occasion above the gratings was, with a Seele of the ship, thrown into
      the sea; but it pleased God that he caught hold of the topsail halyards
      which hung overboard and ran out at length. Yet he held his hold (though
      he was sundry fathoms under water) till be was hauled up by the same rope
      to the brim of the water, and then with boat hook and other means got
      into the ship again and his life saved. An though he was something ill
      with it, yet he lived many years after and became a profitable member
      both in church and commonwealth.
      # Note:
      Elizabeth Pearson White, John Howland of the Mayflower through Desire
      Howland for Five Generation, vol.l1
      # Note:
      Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins 2:1020-1024 (Boston;
      New England Historical and Genealogical Society, 1995)
      # Note:
      Eugene Aubrey Stratton, Plymouth Colony, Its History and Its People,
      # Note: William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation.
      # Note:
      Gary Boyd Roberts, "The Mayflower Descents of President George Herbert
      Walker Bush, First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush, and Vice President James
      Danforth Quayle.
      # Note: The following is quoted from William Bradford's Mayflower passenger list.
      # Note:
      Mr. John Carver, Kathrine his wife, Desire Minter; & 2 Man-servants
      John Howland. Roger Wilder. William Latham, a boy, & a maid servant. & a
      child yet was put to hime called, Jasper More.
      These being aboute a hundred sowls came over in tis first ship: and
      began these biginings. And that the great works of his providence are to
      be observed. I have thought it not unworth my paines, t take a view of
      the decreasings, & Increasigs of these persons, and such change as hath
      pased over them, & theirs, in this thirty years. It may be of some use
      to such as come after; but however I shall rest in my owne benefite.
      I will therefore take them in order as they lye.
      mr. Carver and his wife, dyed the first year, he in ye spring, she
      in ye somer; also his man Roger, and ye lisle boy Jasper, dyed before
      either of them, of ye commone infectio. Desire Minter, returned to her
      friend & proved not very well, and dyed in England. His servant boy
      Latham after more than .20. years stay in the counrty went into England;
      and from thence to the Bajamy Ilands in ye west Indees; and ther with
      some others was starved to want of food. His maid servant maried, & dyed
      a year or two after her in this place. His servant John Howland maried
      the doughter of John Tillie, Elizabeth and they are both now living; and
      have .10. children now all living and their eldest doughter has .4.
      children and ther .2. doughter, one, all living and other of their
      children mariagable, so 15. are come of them.
      Of these 200 persons which came first over, in this first
      ship togeth; the greater halfe dyed in the general mortality; and Most of
      them in .2. or .3. monthes time. And for those wich survifed though some
      were ancient & past precreation; & others left ye place and cuntrie, yet
      of those few remaining are sprunge up above. 160 persons; in this .30
      year. And are now living in this present year. 1650. beside many of their
      children which are dead and done not within this account.
      And of the old stock, (of O e, & other) ther are yet living this
      present year. 1650. nere .30. persons. Let the Lord have ye praise; who
      is the High preserver of men.
      # Note: Epitaphs From Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts, from 1657 to 1892.
      # Note:
      2. Here ended the Pilgrimage of John Howland and Elizabeth his wife. She
      was the dan'tr of Gov. Carver They arrived in the Mayflower Dec. 1620 ;
      they had 4 Sons & 6 dan'trs from whom are descended a numerous posterity
      "1672 Feb'y 23th John Howland of Plymouth deceased, he lived to the age
      of 80 yr's. He was the last man that was left of those that came over in
      the Ship called the Mayflo- wer that lived in Plymouth ."--[Plymouth
      There is a painted sign bcard at the side of this gravestone containing
      the following inscription:--
      The grave of John Howland died Feb. 25, 1672 .
      It has been frequently published that Mr. Howland married a daughter of
      Governor Carver . This we think is a mistake. In Bradford's History we
      find that John Howland married Elizabeth , the daughter of John Tillie .
      Mr. Howland was a distinguished man, and devoted to the interests of the
      Colony, both in relation to its civil and religious institutions. He was
      Deputy and Assistant for several years. His early residence was on Summer
      street, but afterwards removed to Rocky Nook , where he died. The remains
      of his cellar are visible a short distance north of the residence of the
      late Hezekiah Ripley .
      The colonial records say, "He was a godly man and an ancient professor in
      the ways of Christ, and proved a useful instrument of good in his place."
      His descendants are quite numerous. The late Reverend John Howland of
      Carver, Mass. , was grandson of Mr. Howland . He was the last man of them
      that came over in the Mayflower, who settled in Plymouth . On the passage
      to this country in the Mayflower the weather was tempestuous, and in a
      severe storm Mr. Howland fell overboard and came near losing his life.
      The following is a record of the accident in Bradford's own words.:--
      "And in one of them as they thus lay at hull, in a mighty storme, a
      lustie yonge man (called John Howland ) coming upon some occasion above
      ye grattings, was, with a seele of ye shipe throwne into [ye] sea; but it
      pleased God yt he caught hould of ye tope-saile halliards, which hunge
      over board, & rane out at length; yet he held his hould (though he was
      sundrie fadomes under water) till he was hald up by ye same rope to ye
      brime of ye water, and then with a boat hooke & other means got into ye
      shipe againe, & his life saved; and though he was something ill with it,
      yet he lived many years after, and became a profitable member both in
      church and comone wealthe."
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      Father: John HOWLAND II b: 10 AUG 1541 in Essex, England
      Mother: Emma REVELL b: 1542 in Essex, England

      Marriage 1 Elizabeth TILLEY b: 1607 in England

      * Married: ABT. 1624 in probably Barnstable, MA


      1. Has No Children Desire HOWLAND b: ABT. 1625 in Plymouth, MA
      2. Has Children John HOWLAND b: 24 APR 1627
      3. Has No Children Hope HOWLAND b: 30 AUG 1629 in Plymouth, MA
      4. Has No Children Lydia HOWLAND b: ABT. 1633
      5. Has No Children Hannah HOWLAND b: ABT. 1637
      6. Has Children Joseph HOWLAND b: ABT. 1640
      7. Has No Children Jabez HOWLAND b: ABT. 1644
      8. Has No Children Ruth HOWLAND b: ABT. 1646
      9. Has No Children Isaac HOWLAND b: 15 NOV 1649
      10. Has No Children Elizabeth HOWLAND

    • poss 1672