Guilderland, Albany Co., New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 RELYEA, Annatje  22 Feb 1785Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I1656 Clancy Ancestors 
2 SEIBERT, Hendrick Siver  16 Mar 1790Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2069 Clancy Ancestors 
3 SEIBERT, James H Siver  4 Dec 1839Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I707 Clancy Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 SEIBERT, Neeltja Siver  Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I354 Clancy Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLESSING, Adam  7 Jul 1788Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2073 Clancy Ancestors 
2 BLESSING, Annatje  29 Aug 1802Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2087 Clancy Ancestors 
3 BLESSING, Frederick  18 Jan 1807Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2100 Clancy Ancestors 
4 GROAT, Simion Groot  25 Jun 1797Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2078 Clancy Ancestors 
5 OLIVER, David  11 Jul 1786Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I477 Clancy Ancestors 
6 OLIVER, Marguerieta  29 Sep 1788Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I478 Clancy Ancestors 
7 RELYEA, Adam  20 Sep 1791Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2070 Clancy Ancestors 
8 RELYEA, David Alje  19 Apr 1789Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2074 Clancy Ancestors 
9 RELYEA, Grietje Alje  16 May 1787Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2072 Clancy Ancestors 
10 RELYEA, Hester Alje  18 Sep 1796Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2077 Clancy Ancestors 
11 RELYEA, Neely Alje  4 Jan 1795Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2076 Clancy Ancestors 
12 RELYEA, Peter Alje  29 Jul 1798Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2079 Clancy Ancestors 
13 SEIBERT, Jacob Siver  13 Mar 1796Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I394 Clancy Ancestors 
14 SEIBERT, Jacob Siver  4 Oct 1807Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I340 Clancy Ancestors 
15 SEIBERT, Maria Trasia Siver  15 Feb 1792Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2075 Clancy Ancestors 
16 SEIBERT, Phillip Siver  18 Mar 1788Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I422 Clancy Ancestors 
17 SEUBERT\SIVER, Catharina  15 Dec 1805Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2094 Clancy Ancestors 
18 SEUBERT\SIVER, Christian  27 Nov 1802Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2088 Clancy Ancestors 
19 SEUBERT\SIVER, Elizabeth Sievers  27 Oct 1799Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2083 Clancy Ancestors 
20 SEUBERT\SIVER, Jacob  21 Sep 1801Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2086 Clancy Ancestors 
21 SEUBERT\SIVER, Margritta Sievers  3 Aug 1806Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2095 Clancy Ancestors 
22 SEUBERT\SIVER, Simion Sievers  6 Jul 1804Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2092 Clancy Ancestors 
23 SEUBERT\SIVER, Tryntje Sievers  12 Jan 1801Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2084 Clancy Ancestors 
24 SIEVERS, John  19 Apr 1807Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2104 Clancy Ancestors 
25 SIEVERS, Phillip  28 Sep 1806Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2098 Clancy Ancestors 
26 SIVER, Elizabeth  6 Oct 1880Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2081 Clancy Ancestors 
27 SIVER, John Sievers  19 Apr 1807Guilderland, Albany Co., New York I2101 Clancy Ancestors